Party on, Gardy: Yankees, Brett Gardner agree to 1-year, $4M deal

One of the last pieces to fit into the Yankees' 2021 puzzle, before today, could be stated along the lines of... "What about Brett Gardner?" 

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Per ESPN, Gardy, at 37 years old and 13 seasons under his belt in Pinstripes, became a free agent in November, when the Yankees "declined a $10 million option, triggering a $2.5 million buyout." 

Gardy's age counted against him in his future dealings with the Yankees, but his 2019 season yielded career-highs in home runs and RBIs, with 28 and 74, respectively.  While his 2020 numbers were slightly down from those career highs, he still hit .223 with five home runs and 15 RBIs.

While Aaron Boone announced Clint Frazier as the Yanks' starting left fielder for the 2021 season just this past week, it is clear that the Yankees value Gardy's experience, tenure, clubhouse presence and comeback numbers in recent years.  In light of his return, Gardy will leave a legacy as the longest-tenured team member in Yankees history. 

Additionally, the deal includes a second-year player option, that, "if rejected, turns into a team option" -- and would solidify Gardy's longevity with the Yankees another year. 

Welcome back, Gardy.  We once again can potentially all look forward to more bat-banging situations in 2021. 

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Article by: Mary Grace Donaldson


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