Delayed reactions to Corey Kluber's historic No-Hitter

Unless you live under a rock, or you don't have a television or Twitter, you've heard all about Corey Kluber's historic no-hitter on Wednesday night.  

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We were very busy celebrating at the BBB, but we're making it up to you with a round-up of the greatest reactions across Yankees Twitter.  Of course, these reactions also acknowledge that the no-hitter was indeed a team effort -- made possible by help from assumed Yankees starting catcher Kyle Higashioka, a triple and home run robbery in the field from Tyler Wade, of all people, and a defense that overall stood with their pitcher.  We don't hear from Kluber himself, but we do get to hear from some of the supporting cast in this caper.

Without further ado: 

Kyle Higashioka:

Tyler Wade: 

Michael Kay: 



 Bryan Hoch's daughter, Penny:


Us here at the BBB:

Finally, my own: 

While it's hard to say what the no-hitter means for the future, it sure looks like Kluber has certainly earned his No. 2 spot in the rotation, as a result of completing the first Yankees No-No since 1999 -- David Cone's Perfect Game.  To add insult to injury, the game took place on the night of Corey Kluber bobble head day at Globe Life Park -- an idea some miserable marketing rep who ordered too many bobble heads when Kluber was a Texas Ranger for one game is undoubtably regretting.

Oh, and to top off a red letter night, KluBot smiled.  

Article by: Mary Grace Donaldson



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