2022 Bronx Bomber Ball Hall of Fame mock vote

Tonight, there is a semblance of normal in the baseball world for the first time in nearly two months. The results of the 2022 BBWAA Hall of Fame vote will be revealed at 6 PM on MLB Network. And for the sixth consecutive year, the writers of Bronx Bomber Ball participated in a mock vote of our own.

Photo Credit: MLB.com

Per BBWAA guidelines, each voter is allotted 10 votes, though they are not obligated to use all (or any) of them. Players that receive a vote on 75% of ballots cast will be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. 

This year’s ballot unquestionably holds the highest stakes we’ve seen in recent years. It’s the last call for some of the game’s greatest icons in Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa, whose candidacies have been shrouded by their use of steroids. Newcomers Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz, though beloved by their teams’ respective fanbases, were also linked to PEDs at points in their careers. 

Nevertheless, our team largely decided that wasn’t enough to keep those candidates out. Bonds, Clemens, Rodriguez, and Ortiz each received the necessary eight votes to cross the 75% threshold, as did seven-time All-Star reliever Billy Wagner, who rounds out our five player class.

Full results below:

Barry Bonds 90%

Roger Clemens 90%

Alex Rodriguez 90%

David Ortiz 80%

Billy Wagner 80%

Gary Sheffield 70%

Andruw Jones 70%

Manny Ramirez 60%

Sammy Sosa 60%

Scott Rolen 50%

Curt Schilling 50%

Todd Helton 40%

Andy Pettitte 30%

Jeff Kent 10%

Mark Teixiera 10%

Torii Hunter 10%

Justin Morneau 10%

Prince Fielder 10%

Jonathan Papelbon 10%

Bobby Abreu 0%

Mark Buehrle 0%

Carl Crawford 0%

Ryan Howard 0%

Tim Hudson 0%

Tim Lincecum 0%

Joe Nathan 0%

Jake Peavy 0%

A.J. Pierzynski 0%

Jimmy Rollins 0%


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