BREAKING: Yankees to acquire OF Andrew Benintendi from Kansas City Royals

Photo credit: ESPN

In their first 2022 trade deadline move, the Yankees announced on Wednesday evening, immediately following a sweep by the Mets, that they would be acquiring OF Andrew Benintendi from the Kansas City Royals.  YES’ Jack Curry had it first, on the Yankees’ postgame show following the loss to the Mets.


ESPN’s Jeff Passan went on to report that three Yankees’ minor-league pitchers would be headed to Kansas City in exchange for Benintendi.  Joel Sherman broke the names of said three minor-league pitchers: Beck Way, Chandler Champain and TJ Sikkeman.

Ultimately, this news is good news.  The Yankees, showing signs of RISP troubles over the past few games, could use an offensive boost.  In 2022 so far, Benintendi is hitting .321, with 39 RBIs, four stolen bases and 110 overall hits.  He’s hit just four home runs, but a player who hits for contact rather than power could come in handy.  Benintendi also bats lefty, which places him in the minority in the Yankees’ lineup.  He also appeared in this year’s All-Star game and won the Gold Glove in 2021.  


However, there are a few questions left unanswered (at least for now):  


What, oh what, will become of Joey Gallo?  
No news yet, but bringing in an outfielder coupled with Gallo being left out of the starting lineup Wednesday night against the Mets looks like a clue -- a clue that fans of the 2022 Yankees have longed to hear.  


What about Juan Soto?  
With less than a week to go until the MLB Trade Deadline, Juan Soto is still on the market, and rumors abound.  Again, nothing official yet on Soto, but a few speculators on Yankees Twitter are spreading the idea that Benintendi could be nothing more than a trade piece in a Soto deal.  

Are the Yankees finished making moves?  
The Yankees desperately need bullpen help.  They shouldn’t be done making moves.  Additionally, Luis Castillo’s name is being tossed around with some regularity, but nothing official yet.  However, the YES postgame following Castillo’s most recent appearance at Yankee Stadium made an insinuation about an “audition.”  


Is Benintendi vaccinated?  Politics aside, the question of Benintendi’s vaccination status is a concern, as his known decision not to be vaccinated thus far would preclude him from appearing in a postseason battle in Toronto.  However, Wednesday evening reports are coming in which indicate that Benintendi isn’t throwing away his shot (ha, ha).   

Hopefully all of the above questions will be answered sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, the Big Guy seems happy about this development (and that’s a rather important opinion).  

Article by: Mary Grace Donaldson



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