BBB Mock HOF Vote 2023

Ahead of tonight’s Hall of Fame Class of 2023 announcement, the writers of the BBB held our own mock balloting, following the same rules as the BBWAA.  Each voter is allotted 10 total selections, and a candidate must receive 75% or more of the vote in order to be inducted into the HOF.  Voters are not required to use all 10 selections but may if they so choose. 11 out of 14 votes were required for enshrinement in our polling.

The current publicly available data has just two candidates – 1B Todd Helton and 3B Scott Rolen – making the hall this year, however, the BBB voting yielded markedly different results.  Namely, our team shows no bias towards players under the cloud of performance enhancing drug use, even those who got popped after MLB banned PEDs and starting testing for banned substances.

Our voter pool, at just 14, is obviously substantially less than that of the BBWAA, but this year we elected five players to the Hall – Andruw Jones, Manny Ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Gary Sheffield and Billy Wager.  Falling just one vote short were Helton and Rolen, with Carlos Beltran and Andy Pettitte missing by two votes. Jeff Kent, in his final year of eligibility, seems was not selected, not does he appear on track to be elected by the BBWAA via the tracker. Full results below:

PlayerYear on Ballot# of Votes Received% of Votes Received
Andruw Jones6th1392.86%
Manny Ramírez7th1392.86%
Álex Rodríguez2nd1392.86%
Gary Sheffield9th1392.86%
Billy Wagner8th1285.71%
Todd Helton5th1071.43%
Scott Rolen6th1071.43%
Carlos Beltrán1st964.29%
Andy Pettitte5th964.29%
Jeff Kent10th642.86%
Torii Hunter3rd321.43%
Francisco Rodríguez1st214.29%
Mark Buehrle3rd17.14%
Matt Cain1st17.14%
Jimmy Rollins2nd17.14%
Omar Vizquel6th17.14%
Bobby Abreu4th00.00%
R.A. Dickey1st00.00%
Jacoby Ellsbury1st00.00%
John Lackey1st00.00%
Mike Napoli1st00.00%
Jhonny Peralta1st00.00%
Huston Street1st00.00%



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